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    Raja Bhoja Parmara : Reminiscing the legacy

    The auspicious date of Vasant Panchmi marked the the Jayanti of Raja Bhoja, the King who built Bhopal, who was part of the Parmar dynasty. His reign stretched from 1000 - 1055 AD. A valiant king who had to fight many battles with his rivals Chalukyas, is credited for expedition against Masud Salur, Mahmud of Ghazhnavi and rebuilding of the Somnath Temple

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    Sadashiv Rao Bhau : Understanding the Character who led the third battle of Panipat

    The 260th anniversary of the third battle of Panipat reminded us of the great battle where the Maratha army faced the Afghans under Ahmad Shah Abdali. Sadashiv Rao was chosen to halt the Afgan rising. Moreover, his uncompromising stance against people like Surajmal and even Abdali is seen as a critical point of strategic failure. Let’s dwell into some Truth.

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    Freedom from government Control, Lingaraja Temple setting precedent for rest of India

    In India Hindu Temples are strictly administered by the government, both the central and the state. From time to time, the government authorities had not only used the funds of the temples for government schemes (which even include schemes related to minorities alone), they have also interfered in temple rituals more often than we can hardly imagine. In such darkness, a ray of light in form of Freedom of the famous Lingaraja Temple is setting precedent for rest of the India.

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    Laxmii : Another Anti-Hindu addition to an already downward spiralling Bollywood industry

    Hyped up via huge promotion rounds through social media advertisements, Laxmii fails at grabbing even the slightest attention from the very audience it expects to be blinded by their hedonistic virtue signalling calls. Laxmii leaves no stones unturned into its make-believe story-weaving capabilities and takes a step even further, to monotonously point out the problems with the Hindu culture, all the while hailing Islamic practices to the highest ordeals.

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    Cries for Freedom of Hindu Temples reverberate, as Unethical attempts by TN, Andhra made to sell Temple land

    The government of Tamil Nadu has been in the spotlight in the recent years for the worst ever attempts made in acquiring temple lands or be it letting of Idols stolen from temples and smuggled to other places. Now, the TN government is trying to take over Shri Nareeswarar Temple land located at Veeracholapuram, Kallakurichi district, which was built around 1,500 years ago by the longest-ruling Chola Dynasty.

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    Narrative building and stereotyping of the Truth by Bollywood

    They say art has no boundaries. They have no responsibility towards the nation. Let the soldiers die at border. From accommodating Pakistani artists to being completely silent on deaths of soldiers, standing with the Tukde gang at JNU and tweeting untruths on Delhi riots to save rioters, there is nothing hidden about what they are doing. And yet they make emotional fools out of public every time.


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