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Elyments Launched : What are the challenges & future ahead for the India’s Desi super app?

  • Adarsh | Team PresentMirror | Updated: July 8, 2020, 8:06 a.m.

While the Elyments app is desi, it has a world-class user interface and will compete with the likes of social media giant Facebook and Instagram. The app allows users to stay in touch through a vibrant feed, free audio/video calls, and private/group chats.


You can Download the App from here

India's first indigenously developed Social Media App, Elyments launched by Honourable Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. The 'Elyments- Social Media Simplified' app has been developed by more than 1,000 Art of Living volunteers. The volunteers at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living foundation are IT professionals, working in renowned tech firms across the world. This app is being seen as a massive boost to Indian startups and a major push towards 'Make in India' initiative. Elyments is available in eight languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and English. The team members of Elyments said the app has been created with user's privacy as a priority.

The major selling signature of the app is its data privacy. The app stresses that the data of users is stored in India and the user's data will never be shared with a third party without the user's explicit consent. While the app now combines the features of most social media apps, soon the team plans to launch audio/video conference calls, secure payments, regional voice commands, and curated commerce platforms to promote Indian brands. Elyments already has over 500,000+ downloads on Google Playstore and is available on both IOS and Android platforms.

Before its launch, the app has been tested for several months among the crowd with a sample size of more than 1,000 people. Facilities like audio and video conference calling, secure payment options through Elyments Pay, and curated commerce platform called Elyments Hub to promote Indian brands will be available through this app, according to the report. “People will be able to connect globally and shop locally” through this app, the developers of the app said. The app on its platform will also feature public profiles, who users can follow or subscribe to. The Elyments app will further include regional voice commands to make it accessible for everyone, the report added.


In the wake of border tension with China, India on June 29 banned 59 apps with chinese links and data security threats, including popular ByteDance-owned Tiktok app, a social networking app Helo and Tencent’s messaging platform WeChat, over safety and privacy issues. Not to forget, the alternatives of Tiktok, Mitron, and Chingari are doing immensely well. While Mitron took 70 days to cross 10 million downloads and less than 3 days to double that number. Chingari took just 22 days to cross 11 million downloads and nearly 150 million videos being watched on the Chingari platform every day. This move is not only being seen as a massive boost to Indian startups and technologies under the country's 'Make in India' initiative, but also a big push to the youth of the nation to come up with such indigenous ideas.

In fact, the government has appealed to India Inc to focus on developing homegrown apps in order to strengthen the domestic app space. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has announced, “Digital India Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge” to identify best Indian apps in areas like office productivity, work from home, social networking, e-learning, entertainment, health and wellness, agritech, fintech, news, etc. The aim is to select the available Indian apps and upgrade them to world-class.

Top 6 features of Elyments app

1. Elyments' camera feature comes with built-in filters and augmented reality (AR) characters. The app also supports instant messaging and group chatting. Users can get the latest news updates about various topics from across the country and globe.

2. As far as security is concerned, the developers of Elyments claim that they have kept in mind the safety and security of users' data while creating the app. The app provides a fast experience as all its servers are hosted in India. It also has an end-to-end encryption feature to ensure user's private conversations are not seen by any third party.

3. All data regarding the users will be stored in India and will not be shared with any third party without the user's explicit consent.

4. The app has a vibrant feed. Currently, Users can tap on any topic and get the related feed on the selected topics. Also, users can get the feed of people already added.

5. Free audio/video calls: Audio/ Video call feature is currently available with complete end to end security as claimed by developers.

6. Private/Group chats: Once you add the friends, you can immediately start private and group conversations on the apps.

Here are 10 things Elyments needs to focus after launch:

1. Data Centers: Elyments to store all user data in the country itself but realizing the fact that we are a country of 130 crores and there will be a huge volume of data once it becomes stable with DAUs in millions. Preparedness for the same should go on.

2. App Integration: One of the key features of popular social media app is easy integration with popular apps. This will not only help existing users to sign up conventionally but also help new users to know about Elyments. Free Marketing is Good Marketing.

3. User Privacy: One of the reasons why we feel the need for an Indian Social Media App is Growing concerns about Data Security and User Privacy. While App Integration, Elyments should ensure absolute 0 compromises. It should give full control of data to users.

4. Funding: Fuel for startups to expand and scale business. However, launching Elyments by riding the current sentimental wave and that's too by famous dignitaries will reduce the Marketing Cost of User Acquisition. It should avoid foreign fundings at all.

5. Censorship and Unbiasedness: From the last 3 years, Internet censorship and the Biasing tendency of Digital Media and Social media is always in question. Elyments must ensure zero biasing. Remember, The position of the center of gravity of an object affects its stability.

6. Notifications & Newsfeed: Team need to work on notifications management, response time, tap destination. Newsfeed needs to be more customised according to specific users rather than a generic approach for all users.

7. Fast Click and Easy Navigation: Currently, users are reporting the delay in response time, search screen, feed loader. Team need to resolve this basic functionality at the earliest and at the same time, navigation in app should be made simpler

8. LITE Version and Web Version: India ranks 89 in the global internet speed with average connectivity speed of just 6.5 MB/s. This internet speed is non-uniformly distributed and for wider geographical distribution of app, Element needs to launch the LITE version soon. Also, many users still prefer web versions in the mobile fascinated generation.

9. Content Customization: Content should be strictly customized and privacy cap on each content should be at the highest level of priority. Elyments team must ensure that they are serving the content strictly according to user’s characteristics.

10. User Retention: The number of Facebook users in India stood at around 216.5 million in 2016, and is forecast to amount to more than 336 million by 2020. In this situation, Elyments needs to ensure that they are bringing new users on their platform and at the same time retaining those users.

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