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Is being priest a sin, asks the Family of a minor Nirbhaya, brutally raped and murdered in Begusarai

  • Team PresentMirror | Updated: Feb. 21, 2021, 8:59 a.m.

A daughter of a Temple Priest, was raped and murdered in cold blood in the district of Begusarai, Bihar. The culprits in this case are alleged to be a group of youths from the Paswan community. The pin drop silence of usual players in the Media and a blank response from the Political dispensation as well as the opposition, suggests that the usual players prefer to be mum when it doesn’t suit their agenda and even Nirbhayas in this country are selective.


A 12-year-old minor girl was found dumped near the river bank, with her school clothes torn and cut marks all around her throat. The inhuman crime took place in the Panapur village of the Bhawanandpur panchayat, par of the Begusarai district in Bihar. An FIR in this regard has been filed by the victim’s father Nand Mishra (name changed) at Birpur police station.


Image File : The first FIR that was registered on lines that the victim was missing.

As per local news reports, the incident took place on 13th February, when the girl went to buy biscuits in the nearby shop. It is alleged that while returning the culprits nabbed her and raped her. Her body was found dumped near the Sikraula ghat of the Gandak river. Her clothes were torn and her neck was punctured from the profuse bleeding possibly due to the cuts made by criminals. The local Thana incharge, Sujit Kumar, has said that the body has been sent for Postmartum and they are waiting for the reports.

A torn Family

The victim’s father has alleged that even after filing FIR on the same day of crime, the Police has stood as mute spectator of the happenings and has done nothing in this regard for the last three days. Mishra is a small priest of the Village temple, while the culprits are alleged to be having strong political connections (Police hasn’t named any culprit yet).

Nand Mishra, who takes care of a family of 5, is poor and his only income is the money obtained via the Temple pooja path. Mishra didn’t want his children to go through the same poverty that he went through and he was doing everything he could to get them educated. The girl wanted to be a doctor one day. The family is completely torn after the incident.

A caste disharmony in the background

The village of Panapur is dominated by members of the Paswan community, a scheduled caste community. There has been some caste fueds between the family and others. An insider told Present Mirror that there are only two houses which are of brahmans in the village. 22 years ago, a member of the same brahman Family, was murdered while in sleep and thrown in the well. This is the second such incident for the Family. The family of the victim has been threatened in the past as well to leave the village.

A silence of the usual players

Yet again an incident of rape, a deed in which even the hands of evil will shudder before doing, perpetrators who aren't humans and a black blot to humanity, but sadly this time there is no outrage. It has already been 5 days since the crime took place. It is ironical that the usual players of the Indian media, a media which even made fake news on Hathras, have not even reported the incident.

This is as henious as Nirbhaya, as cruel as Asifa, as attention seeking as Hathras. 11-year-old, raped in her school clothes, dumbed like garbage and neck marks like she has been attacked by an animal, but yet no outrage, simply because the victim doesn’t suit anyone’s propaganda. Or is it that this Nirbhaya is not a vote bank? Or because this Nirbhaya is a small girl who wanted biscuits, went to school and wanted to become a doctor, not worth the fodder for the usual vultures?

The family is asking for justice. Will there be Justice possible? Should these criminals not be given harshest of punishment possible in the history of mankind? Will humans all around raise voice for all victims than their victim? It is high time the country unites on issue of rape. Otherwise more Nirbhayas, more Gudiyas, more Hathras, more Begusarai will keep coming to haunt us and challenge the hollow principles of humanity.

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