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ISRO Scientist claims attempts to kill him by mysterious men, pleads the nation to save him and his Family

  • Team PresentMirror | Updated: Jan. 7, 2021, 7:57 a.m.

As if the highly suspicious death of Prof. Vikram Sarabhai in 1971, followed by sudden death of Dr. S Srinivasan, Director of VSSC in 1999, 11 suspicious cases of nuclear scientists in the last decade was not enough, ISRO’s top scientist Dr. Tapan Misra pleaded of help for protecting lives of his and his family. Tapan Mishra was poisoned twice and continuous attempts to end his life were made in past 4 years.


“I was poisoned with deadly Arsenic Trioxide on 23rd May 2017, during promotion interview from Sci/Eng SF to SG in ISRO HQ at Bangalore,” said ISRO’s Top scientist and former director of Space Applications Centre, Dr. Tapan Mishra. Dr. Mishra alleged that Fatal doses of arsenic (assassination grade molecular As2O3), mixed with chutney and Dosa, were given to him.

Dr. Mishra recounts the horrors that he had to face. He had severe loss of blood to the tune of 30-40%, severe breathing difficulty, unusual skin eruptions and skin shedding, loss of nails on feet and hands, terrible neurological issues due to hypoxia, skeletal pain, unusual sensations, one suspected heart attack and arsenic depositions and fungal infections on every inch of skin and internal organs, while he was admitted in Zydus cadilla, TMH-Mumbai and AIIMS-Delhi over a period of two years.

He says he is thankful to one of his Director colleagues, who warned him in advance, because he witnessed someone mixing something in his food. It was after MHA security agency personnel alerted him of Arsenic poisoning, he got treated. Had it not been for intervention of central security agencies who took him to different cities, during his treatment, he would have been dead by now.

The peculiar thing about this poison is given in molecular level suspension, just after heavy meal, gradually dose by dose. A colourless, odourless, tasteless suspension, which gets absorbed through stomach during food ingestion. A little dose can kill RBCs immediately to such large extent that the fine blood vessels are clogged, leading to heart attacks and strokes within two to three hours. It is because he was warned, he didn’t take lunch and hence could get only a small dose and was saved.


Image file : Arsenic confirmation in Dr. Mishra’s medical report

The motive appears to be an espionage attack, embedded in the Government set up, to remove a scientist with critical contribution of very large military and commercial significance, like expertise in building Synthetic Aperture Radar. He also went on to allege this to be a new modus operandi of adjusting seniority, who perceived him as obstacle. He also alleged cold feet response from successive ISRO Chairmen, Dr. Kasturirangan and Shri Madhavan Nair, who didn’t take his complaints seriously.

A great scientist and a gem to the Nation

Outstanding Scientist and former Director, of ISRO’s Space Applications Centre (SAC), Dr. Tapan Misra, who was the lead designer for the development of C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar of India’s Radar Imaging Satellite-1 (RISAT-1), has been a main contributor to the system design, simulation, integration, checkout and ground calibration for OCEANSAT-1 satellite. He is credited to lead the team which developed a special airborne radar system called DMSAR (SAR for Disaster Management) during 2005-2006. He also developed Scatterometer payload of Oceansat-2, launched in 2009.

For his selfless work, Dr. Tapan Misra was awarded Hari Om Ashram Prerit Vikram Sarabhai research Award in 2004 and ISRO Merit award in 2008. Dr. Mishra has 2 granted patents, 6 pending patents, 5 copyrights and many research papers to his credit.

Various attempts to kill him were made

What followed was a series of nightmares, along with severe deterioration of health, he was bombarded with hundreds of threatening emails to keep my mouth shut, alleges Dr. Mishra. The alertness of security agencies, saved him from a massive explosive incident only by whiskers, in which a 100 crore lab was destroyed on 3rd May 2018.

On 19th July 2019, he said that an Indian American professor of one of the topmost US university requested him not to utter a word about this and in return his IITK grad son will be accommodated in a top-notch college in USA. After he declined,on the same day, he was removed from all responsibilities, including SAC Directorship.

The turmoil just didn’t stop there. Dr. Mishra went on to say that he was poisoned of Hydrogen Cyanide (which hypoxiates leaving no trace) just two days prior to planned launch date of Chandrayan 2 on 15th July. He had convulsion and loss of senses and memory because of this. His CCTV recording was doctored to defame him but he was alerted by security agencies and the plan was foiled. Poisonous snakes were often let loose in his house, but he was saved everytime fortunately. His mentally challenged son was also hospitalized owing to mysterious complications. The arsenic poisoning left him with skeletal pain, skin peeling and nail dying.

11 nuclear scientists have died of unnatural deaths during 2009-13

As per data available with Department of Atomic Energy, 11 nuclear scientists have died of unnatural circumstances during 2009-13. 8 scientists died in small blasts, hanging and drowning in the sea.

Eight scientists and engineers working in laboratories and research centres of the Department died in a blast or by hanging or drowning in the sea. In an RTI response to Rahul Sehrawat, it was revealed that three scientists of Nuclear Power Corporation had also died under mysterious circumstances. In 2010, two scientists of C grade posted at BARC, their bodies were found hanging in Trombay, while another scientist was found dead under mysterious circumstances at Rawatbhata in 2012. Two research fellows at BARC, Trombay also died of mysterious fire in the Chemistry lab in 2010. A scientist F, was found murdered at his residence in Mumbai, while a scientist D at RRCAT also allegedly committed suicide.

All these incidents were sounding astray until voice of Dr. Tapan Misra has raised big questions on the security of Scientists in the Nation. Who are these mysterious men, equipped, trained, lethal and determined to snuff out living witness of the most shameful incident of Indian science. These are the men, embedded in our system, leading to mysterious deaths of scientists and destruction of our institutions. These incidents should be wake up call to prevent such nefarious designs to blunt our bright minds in future.

“I have faith in our security apparatus and men,” says Dr. Mishra, as he appeals the nation and government to save him and his family. Remember the nation which cannot protect their own people who made contributions in building it in the first place, is destined to suffer.

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