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PUBG Mobile in India : Too near yet too Far…

PUBG is back and back with a bang. The company has finally decided to do away with the Chinese link, and the Korean Mothership Krafton has formed a new company PUBG Mobile India Pvt. Ltd which has been registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, however the green signal from MEITY is still pending. PUBG India will be different from its Global counterpart.


To all the #PUBG lovers in India, the sad days are about to end. Start stretching your fingers cause they might be a little rusty since your last "Chicken Dinner," another good news awaits you. PUBG Mobile India Pvt. Ltd., an Indian subsidiary of Krafton/PUBG Corp. has been registered by the Indian Government on 21st November.

The company is now registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, which means that PUBG Mobile India Pvt. Ltd. is now a legit company (with Identity Number of U72900KA2020FTC141285) having two authorized directors, Kumar Krishna Iyer(also a director at ACCUWEATHER INDIA) and Hyunil Sohn of South Korea. All the company details are now available on the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The company will be based in the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore as per the information provided on the MCA website.


Image Credits : Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( MCA )

Most of us lost our senses after hearing the news that our favorite battle royale game has been banned by the Govt. of India in September due to data security concerns after the heated Indo-China border dispute, which happened earlier this year. The ban was a necessary step as our precious private data was being stored in the Chinese servers, but this time the company is fully prepared in terms of data security of the Indian users.

Since the ban, a series of events took place, which raised our hopes that PUBG will return to India in the coming future. One such event was when the Korean company broke its partnership with the Chinese company Tencent to publish the game in India. PUBG corp broke away from Tencent and joined mothership Krafton, to form PUBG Mobile India in line with PUBG mobile Korea.

Another thing that happened recently which pumped our excitement was the appearance of the apk file download buttons on the official website. The involuntary buttons only appeared for a short moment on the website and left the fans pumped-up with excitement. This event also confirms the fact that the game may be available soon in the upcoming days or weeks.

Different reports on the launch

Different news reports surround the comeback of the leading gaming giant. However as per our sources, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has yet not given any approval yet. “Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating new company. This was the same Ministry that had banned over 100 Chinese apps. Even Tik Tok or anyone else can do that. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India,” said a MEITY official.

Android gamers might be a little lucky here because according to the latest media reports , there is a strong possibility that the game will be available for Android users first, and iOS gamers might have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the long-awaited game.

According to sources at GEM Esports , the app has been given advanced clearance for the Google Play Store, which means that the application will not be held in the review phase, and it will be published as soon as the developer uploads it. This shows that the company doesn’t want to deal with any kind of delays when it comes to the relaunch of India’s most awaited battle royale game.


Image Credits : Gem Esports

The possible changes and details in the new game.

This means that the game will be cleared as soon as it reaches the review teams of Google Play. It should be noted that this is an internal process, and it does not hint at any potential release date of the game so far. Keeping in mind the aspect of social media influencers who gained so much money and fame only because of this particular game, there are reports that there might be an “early access” for selected influencers, but they will only be allowed to share their content one day prior to the official launch.

Reports also suggest that there are specific changes made specially for the Indian gamers. Few developers revealed that there will be not be too much bloodshed like the global version and changes are being considered in dresses and characters according to the desi flavour. The company also promised to inculcate various region-based activities, in the game. The company is also considering including regional languages to attract Indian gamers.

With that being said, the bottom line is that PUBG is returning to our phones real soon, and it's going to be fun for everyone only if we play it within limits because an excess of everything is harmful, and we all know what addiction can do to our body and mind. It’s only a matter of time, till MEITY gives the required clearance since severing the ties. Play safe and responsibly. #PUBGMobileIndia

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